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Audio Meditations: Choose from a number of 3-minute prerecorded meditations.

View & print a version of this month's meditation. Play your own background music and enjoy!

September: Garden of Light
August: Make Life Beautiful
July: Transforming the Self
June: Real Silence
May: Reflecting Light
April: Being a Beacon of Light and Might
March: Giving the Gift of Peace
February: Sending Love to the World
January: Remebering God
December: World Peace Meditation
November: Living Light
October: Purity
September: Garden of Light
August: Becoming an Angel of Light
July: Transforming the Self
June: Weaving a Virtuous Self

Whilst reading or listening to the meditations, let the words become your thoughts and try to experience them. When other thoughts come into your mind, gently tell yourself to put them aside for a moment, until after your meditation. You may create an environment conducive to your meditation. A quite space where you will not be disturbed with some soft lighting. Sit comfortably, relax, and take a few deep, slow cleansing breaths. You may light a candle if you like and rest your eyes on the flame. Enjoy your moments in quiet reflection. Om Shanti. (a greeting literally meaning, "I am peace.")