Monthly Meditation - December

World Peace Meditation
Feeling powerful and peaceful in relationship to the state of the world.

"Bring your awareness to your soul, to your spirit. (pause) Go into your inner world (pause)…
Now, begin to focus on the Supreme, the Divine Spirit…(pause)
Be here with the Divine One (pause)
Now, think of our planet, our home, the Sparkling Jewel, Planet Earth. (pause)
Begin to send our planet powerful vibrations of peace and love. (pause)
If you like, you may send these rays of clear light to the places on the planet where there is conflict and suffering (pause)
You may see the rays of light reaching the hearts and souls of each individual and trust that they are receiving them (pause)
Now, slowly begin to bring your focus back to the physical space around you. (pause)
You are feeling energized, peaceful, and satisfied. Om Shanti.