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After graduating from university, I couldn't wait to expand my horizons through traveling around the world. I began traveling to developing countries, my first being to the South American country, Brazil.

It was during my travels in Brazil where I studied capoeira, (an African-Brazilian martial art form), that I decided that I must be of service in some way, not just traveling as a consumer. I felt the urgency to make a contribution, to both the developing and developed worlds.

I began to travel with a higher mission, spending time with communities in Guatemala, Africa, Thailand, and India. In 2000, I felt inspired to form World Wide Weavers, WWW, which is dedicated to empowering and supporting visual and performing artists in realizing their full creative potential in becoming strong and prosperous artisans of their community and their cultural traditions worldwide. Our aim is to share stories, music, ideas, artifacts, and resources that inspire skill, hope, and courage.

What has moved me most about visiting and getting to know these cultures and people is the self-respect and human dignity that they embody. I have realized how truly privileged we are here in the United States and how we must make all efforts not take anything for granted. We are all equal, no higher, no lower. We are all one and all are worthy of respect and dignity.

I firmly feel that we have a growing personal responsibility to work towards creating unity through our resources and talents. Our borders are dissolving; there is no separation. We must act with tolerance, humility, and benevolence for all.

Today, I am making efforts towards world peace in the local community and with our global family through teaching and WWW. I invite you to join me.

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