Monthly Meditation - June


Weaving a Virtuous Self


I'll be guided in weaving my own tapestry of peace, love, and happiness.

Sitting quietly, I find myself feeling very comfortable and relaxed…Now, I slowly begin to bring my awareness to the still point inside sensing the natural peace and beauty that I am…Using the power of my imagination, I picture myself sitting in front of a beautifully crafted wood loom and a basket filled with many colors of threads …I am going to weave a beautiful tapestry for myself …I choose my favorite color and weave in the quality of peace that I am …I carefully select another thread and I weave in the quality of pure, unconditional love …I select one more color representing the virtue of happiness …As I weave in this color I feel the peace, love and happiness merge together thoroughly filling my heart and being …My weaving is now complete and I carefully remove it from the loom, admiring its fine artistry and gracefully wrap this cloth around me smiling inside …Whenever I wish, I may wrap myself in this tapestry reflecting my virtuous qualities inside …Om shanti