Monthly Meditation - August

Becoming an Angel of Light

Being my higher self, 100% benevolent


I relax my body, letting go of any excess energy, tension, or stress I take a few deep breaths …I feel my essence as peaceful, filled with light, with love, and with beauty …I envision my light expanding out and getting larger and taking the form of an angel … In my angelic form I am an embodiment of purity, happiness, peace, bliss…I am an embodiment of all the highest virtues … I am simply a divine being of light and one with the Divine …In an angelic form I begin to lift up and take flight circling the planet below and through beams of light, spread good wishes to my global family and the planet …All of the souls of the world are receiving these healing beams of light, love, and peace… I can take the form of an angel and spread powerful vibrations of peace and healing…I am filled with peace, power, and bliss  Om shanti.