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Village Sewing Project

Health is more than one way related to the economical status of the society. It is difficult to bring a permanent improvement in the health of those who do not have the means to sustain themselves and their families, hence, an endeavor of the VOP is oriented towards the financial empowerment of village women. A handicrafts sewing project has been launched in village Salgaon. Aimed at training village women to use sewing machines to prepare saleable items such as handkerchiefs, the program has been going very well! A group of village women and girls are participating in this income generating scheme.

The project involves assisting the women and girls to develop skills and trading links for the sale of their handiwork in the local market.

Their creations are especially featured here on the World Wide Weavers website!!!! The aim is to enable preventative measures for better health of their families. Their Hankies are 100% cotton with delicate hand embroidery in either pink, red, or white.

Your support is greatly appreciated! You may purchase hankies from the WorldWide Weavers website by emailing us!



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